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US Navy deploys hospital vessel to LA in COVID-19 struggle

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The US Navy will send the USNS Mercy, a 1,000 bed hospital ships, to the Port of Los Angeles as part of the fight against the COVID-19, or coronavirus, pandemic.

Gener Seroka, the Port of Los Angeles, CEO, confirmed the news in a statement.

“The Port of Los Angeles stands ready to partner with the U.S. Navy and the federal government as it prepares to bring the USNS Mercy to the Port of Los Angeles,” Seroka said.

“The welfare of our residents is the top priority during this public health crisis.”

The US Navy was quoted saying the USNS Mercy will leave its base in San Diego on 23 March with 800 medical professionals on board. However, there is no indication as to when it will arrive.

Los Angeles is one of the most badly affected ports in the COVID-19 pandemic and has saw its traffic, and that of its neighbour the Port Long Beach, plummet in January and February.

However, in a post on Twitter on 23 March 2020, it said all its terminals are open and operational and that its first quarter figures were at 80-85% or normal traffic.

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