Update: Mediterranean Crash Ships Separated

Picture credit: Vessel Finder

The container ship CLS Virginia has been separated from the Tunisian ro-ro vessel Ulysses after the two collided off the coast of Corsica on October 7, according to the Maritime Prefecture of the Channel and the Mediterranean.

The crash caused a pollution ribbon of nearly 4km long following a hull breach in the Virginia, which remains anchored north of Cape Corsica.

The Maritime Prefecture responded by imposing an anti-pollution dam along the Virginia to minimise the threat to the environment.  

Assisted by wave movements and a series of small extrication attempts, the two vessels were successfully separated at 21:30pm local time.

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A statement from the Maritime Prefecture said the following: “Are present on the area chartered ships Abeille Flanders and Jason, and the Pluto of the Navy to ensure the safety of ships and preserve the environment.

“The ship Ulysses remains on zone until reassessment of the situation in the day of October 12th. The Virginia, meanwhile, has not left its anchorage.

“Today, oil recovery operations have continued. 

 “The Acheron Naval Diver Base Building of the French Navy sailed from Toulon at the end of the day in order to carry replacement equipment for depollution teams, such as collection bags and suction hoses”.

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