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UK’s largest port receives major RTG boost

ABP rtg
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The Port of Immingham has received six electric rubber tyre gantry (RTG) cranes as part of its multi-million dollar upgrade.

In a statement from Associated British Ports (ABP), the RTGs are part of the Port’s $42 million (£33 million) Project Pilgrim, which looks to expand capacity while cutting emissions.

They arrived at Immingham – the biggest port in the UK by tonnage – after a 34 day journey from China.

ABP’s infrastructure investment has so far included the expansion of a container terminal in Hull and the operator hopes this latest upgrade will make the Humber region as a major UK hub for short sea container traffic.

Simon Bird, Regional Director, ABP Humber, said: “This is a hugely exciting time for containers in the Humber Ports.

“The investment in this infrastructure is key to ABP’s expansion plans at the Humber Container Terminal on the Port of Immingham and we have already seen huge success from similar investment in our Port across the Humber in Hull”.

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