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UK Shipper Reveals Cyber Attack

UK Shipper Reveals Cyber Attack

London-headquartered shipper Clarkson has revealed that it has been victim of a cyber breach and it expects its data to be made public shortly, according to Reuters.

The news follows other high profile breaches at companies such as Siemens, Trimble and Moody’s.

Clarkson is one of the world’s leading shipbrokers and sources vessels for the world’s largest producers and traders of natural resources. It also has a research operation which collects and analyses data on merchant shipping and offshore markets.

The company has reported it has been working with the police and is in the process of contacting potentially affected clients and individuals, but has not provided any details about the scale or type of data stolen.

“As soon as it was discovered, Clarkson took immediate steps to respond to and manage the incident,” the company said.

“Our initial investigations have shown the unauthorized access was gained via a single and isolated user account which has now been disabled.”

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The company’s disclosure is a rarity, particularly in light of recent cover ups, such as by Uber, who recently disclosed it covered up a 57 million dollar user data breach and paid off hackers in order to retrieve its information.

In this case, Clarkson seemingly refused to pay a ransom to the hacker and is bracing for private data to be released. 

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Andi Case, the Clarkson Chief Executive has told The Guardian that issues of cybersecurity are at the forefront of his organisation’s agenda, as they are for many businesses in today’s digital landscape, but that in this case despite extensive efforts they could not prevent this cyber-attack.

Case said: “As you would rightly expect, we’re working closely with specialist police teams and data security experts to do all we can to best understand the incident and what we can do to protect our clients now and in the future.”

Following the hack, Clarkson has consulted data security experts and is investing “heavily” to shore up its defences, amid a broader cybersecurity review.

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