Trelleborg Studies Infrastructure Designs For Chinese Ports

 05 Dec 2017 11.19am

Trelleborg Marine Systems has signed a memorandum of understanding with Chinese survey and design firm Third Harbor Consultants Company (THCC), to work on designs that ease new megaship pressures.

Across a number of its upgrade projects THCC plans to trial Trelleborg’s rope-free, automated mooring system, AutoMoor.

It uses smart technologies to enable faster berthing and improve safety levels for ports.

Jointly the companies will also author mooring and infrastructure design whitepapers, possibly leading to co-development of new marine technologies for China’s ports and vessels.

THCC is one of China’s largest survey and design institutions in transportation and port engineering, and subsidiary of the state-owned China Communications Construction Company (CCCC).

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Richard Hepworth, President of Trelleborg Marine Systems, said: “Vessel sizes are becoming larger, competition is increasing and broader alliances between shipping lines are being established.

“These factors combine to put increased pressure on ports and terminals. Our industry is famously conservative, but change is coming quickly.

“There will be a need for more collaboration – as different stakeholders have different strengths. This will make partnerships throughout the supply chain and across industries critical.

“Strategically, this is what both we and THCC are already doing. Collaborating.  To further innovation and enable improvements for our ports and vessels.

“The Chinese market is incredibly important to Trelleborg. We look forward to working closely with THCC and learning more from them about where our product development should focus in order to best meet the needs of China’s world class ports as they continue to evolve.”

Shen Ming Da, Board Chairman of THCC, said: “THCC is committed to the evolution of ports and terminals both domestically and internationally.

“Therefore the signing of the MoU with Trelleborg, which strives to facilitate port and terminal operational optimization, is a natural progression of our existing relationship.

“Bringing both organizations together allows us to capitalize on the best of both companies, to the benefit of facilities across China and beyond.”

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