Trelleborg Paper Focuses on Big Data for Maritime Systems

 12 Feb 2018 11.50am

Trelleborg’s marine systems operation has released a new whitepaper that brings together the latest news and thinking on big data in the maritime sector.

The whitepaper, ‘The Use of Big Data in the Maritime Industry’, explores how the maritime industry can better understand the opportunities that big data offers, both now and in the longer term.

It also highlights how and where these technologies are being implemented and the key application areas that will deliver future operational efficiencies for ports and terminals.

The marine operation of the Trelleborg Offshore & Construction business area manufactures and installs bespoke fender systems, docking and mooring equipment, oil and gas transfer technology and vessel efficiency technology for marine environments globally.

The whitepaper also looks at the ‘SmartPort’ technology platform, Trelleborg’s own interface, which connects port operations, allowing users to analyze asset performance and apply data insights, to improve day-to-day decision making for optimized operations.

It seeks to improve safety, reduce costs, as well as lead to greater sustainability and increased revenue return.

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Richard Hepworth, President, Trelleborg’s marine systems operation, said: “Big data has the potential to transform our industry.

“Through application and insights, big data is creating new opportunities to drive innovation and deliver tangible operational efficiencies across the shipping world.

“But the collection of information alone is not enough.

“It is the analysis of this data and the actionable insights it provides that will transform and increase the efficiency of day-to-day operations across the shipping industry in years to come.

“This is a time of huge change for our industry.

“The advancement of automation, and the exponential rise in data it brings, mean disruption on a scale that ‘shipping’ has never seen before.

“Those that invest now in the architecture that empowers collaboration between smart assets, will be best equipped to face the future.”

Hepworth will be speaking about big data at Port Technology’s Container Terminal Automation Conference in London during March 2018:

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