TraPac and NASCENT Agreement

 05 Dec 2016 11.04am

Port of Oakland in California will further the development of its gate expansion with an automated gate system and optical character recognition (OCR) portals for the identification of printed characters using photoelectric devices and computer software.

TraPac has selected gate automation provider NASCENT Technology for the expansion, which will see the company provide 16 truck gate kiosks (pedestals), 12 Yard kiosks, and 2 kiosks for the driver's assistance area within the facility. Nine of the 16 gate lanes are being built as part of the gate expansion.

The container terminal operator agreed in October to almost double the size of its terminal at the Port of Oakland by leasing an additional 57 acres and two additional berths on the Port’s Outer Harbor.

NASCENT will also be providing and integrating with OCR Portals at both the In-bound and out-bound gate complexes.  The automated gate system will use NASCENT's SYNAPSE software to aggregate and manage the kiosks and other traffic control equipment while providing a uniform, task-centric user interface.

Dave Lambacher, NASCENT's Business Development Manager, said: "The enhanced in-gate complex will enable TraPac to increase their gate velocity as they grow their footprint and add more capacity within the Port of Oakland. Reducing truck queue times is an important component to enhancing customer service."

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