The Top 5 Features of 2015


PTI began to put together feature-based article in early 2015 and found that the insight gained from undertaking much of the research behind these pieces was of significant value to its readers.

The topics were wide-ranging, having covered topics such as port productivity, port and shipping collaboration and the application of Big Data in ports and terminals.

PTI has selected the five most popular and most shared feature articles in the last 12 months:


     1. The Rise of Big Data in Ports and Terminals

As the most shared feature article on PTI’s website, this piece examined the application of Big Data at ports and terminals and found that, with the use of sensor technology, it would be possible for ports to collect data from things such as port equipment and feed this back into port operations, in order to create a model for measuring the reliability of said equipment.

     2. Is Container Shipping Sailing into a Storm?

This article was significant as it more closely examined the state of global trade and asked whether the outlook in the shipping industry would indeed worsen. Despite drops in global trade levels, shipping lines are still pushing ahead with vessel orders and ports are still working to accommodate the new era of big ships. There are multiple solutions available for the industry to tackle these issues; however, it is becoming more important for industry professionals to engage in more dialogue to deal with the bigger issues.

     3. What Makes a Productive Port or Terminal?

Having been shared more than 200 times, this article was central in providing expert insight into what makes a port or terminal productive. There are many different definitions to what makes a productive port, including the number of gross moves per hour by moving containers over the quay wall, to berth moves per hour that all cranes moved on and off a vessel each hour.

     4. The Internet of Things and the Container Port

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a trending concept within the port industry and major driver for the Big Data concept, due to the majority of data being collected via the use of sensors and radio tags, which is what the IoT helps to facilitate. The biggest insight gained from this piece was that a ‘digital infrastructure’ is crucial for any port looking to improve the flow of goods and manage their traffic.

     5. Analysis: Port and Shipping Collaboration

By working in collaboration with Dr Oscar Pernia of Navis, PTI explored the relationship between ports and shipping lines and the key role each plays in improving port operations. PTI found that increased communication between both parties is extremely important if ports want to improve the flow of containers while also minimising the risk of bottlenecks through the supply chain. Solutions such as vessel stowage planning and berth management are ways in which collaboration can be improved.

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