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The Top 15 EU Ports


A rankings chart released by Professor Theo Notteboom of PortEconomics shows the top 15 European ports in 2015, with a comparison of performance for 2014.

The Port of Rotterdam has maintained its position as Europe’s largest port, having moved more than 12.2 million TEU in 2015.

Many ports have been able to boost their positions in the past year, with the Port of Antwerp shooting up to second place. The port handled 7.5% more containers in 2015, bringing its total up to more than 9.6 million TEU.

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The bigger picture unveils a different story, as ports such as Valencia and Piraeus have both seen growth of more than 50% in the last eight years.

Piraeus Port has seen a 139.4% increase in cargo volumes during this time, and handled more than 3.2 million TEU in 2015.

The top three European container ports make up almost half of the total cargo volumes of the top 15 ports.

(Source: Theo Notteboom / Port Economics)

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