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​Thai Port Prepares for LNG Bunkering

​Thai Port Prepares for LNG Bunkering

Japan’s Marubeni Corporation and Thai state-owned SET-listed oil and gas company, PTT Public Company Limited (PTT) have announced they have embarked on a joint feasibility study on implementing LNG bunkering in Thailand’s Laem Chabang port, according to LNG World Shipping.

LNG Bunkering is the practice of providing liquefied natural gas fuel to a ship for its own consumption.

The study comes as Thailand’s upstream oil reserves are shrinking, causing it to look to LNG to meet its rising domestic energy demand.

Laem Chabang port, Thailand’s largest port, is overseen by the Port Authority of Thailand, and is considered Asia’s new emerging LNG importer.

In 2014 Laem Chabang was the twenty-second busiest container port in the world, handling 6.58 million TEU, and in FY 2017 it handled 7.7 million TEU.

Read a technical paper by Alpesh A. Sharma, CEO, Laem Chabang International Terminal, Laem Chabang, on environmental preservation at the port. 

Through Laem Chabang, Thailand is aiming for a seven-fold increase in LNG import volumes by 2036.

In a statement, Japan’s Marubeni Corporation has said the Japanese Government is supportive of infrastructure development in the Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC), a strategic economic zone where infrastructure development is being implemented, and within which the Laem Chabang port is located.

Maruben said: “This joint study will verify the feasibility of an LNG bunkering project that utilises a fuel supply ship that is compatible with an existing PTT-managed LNG receiving terminal in Map Ta Phut.

“Marubeni will contribute not only to lowering the environmental impact by promoting the conversion of fuel to LNG, but to infrastructure development in the Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC) as well.” 

Read more: The CEO of Sahathai Terminal in Thailand, one of Thailand’s leading private port operators, has revealed that there are plans to invest over $24 million to expand its commercial port capabilities in an interview with The Nation

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