‘Tesla Ships’ to Hit the Seas

 15 Jan 2018 10.11am

Port-Liner has announced it is building two giant all-electric barges dubbed ‘Tesla ships’ to transport cargo between Amsterdam, Antwerp and Rotterdam, according to Elektrek.

The vessels are slated to be operational by Autumn 2018, and the project is costing around $US100m.

Chief executive of Port-Liner Ton van Meegen said: “There are some 7,300 inland vessels across Europe and more than 5,000 of those are owned by entrepreneurs in Belgium and the Netherlands. 

“We can build upwards of 500 a year, but at that rate it would take some 50 years to get the industry operating on green energy.”

Electric barges are another development in the ongoing drive to create a greener shipping industry, with electric trucks and port machinery already in action.

Read a technical paper by Peter Söderberg, Ari Hirvonen, and Heikki Salonen of Kalmar on how to reduce air emissions with regard to cargo handling equipment