Terminal Automation & Training: Enter the Future

 24 Mar 2016 11.17am

In order to mark Easter PTI has put together a special automation focused newsletter which covers the upcoming Terminal Automation & Training Event.

Automated processes have ensured a great many industries have benefitted from increased productivity, safety and environmental friendliness, and now it is time to question whether the maritime industry is ready for that level of optimisation.

Review the Terminal Automation & Training Conference

The conference is structured in such a way as to facilitate answers to the questions C-Level executives in ports and terminals want the answers to.  

By basing the event on the British political talk show ‘Question Time’, the audience is able to put any question they like to a panel of experts.

Amongst the sessions that will take place at the event are: Misconceptions of Automation; Automated Decision Making; Process Automation; and Robotisation.

Speakers already announced for the event include Dr Oscar Pernia of Navis, Dr Yvo Saanen of TBA, Rich Ceci of GCT USA and Olaf Merk of the ITF at the OECD.

Watch an introductory trailer for the conference below:


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