Tech Paper: IBM’s 10-Step Guide to Port Profitability

 05 Jun 2017 08.25am

IBM’s Kurt Wedgwood, a thought-leader in IBM’s Cognitive Solutions Group, has written a technical paper with PTI with a step-by-step guide on how to increase the profitability of your port.

You can read the paper by following the link below:

Technical Paper: Improving Port Profitability

Wedgwood begins the paper by arguing that ports sit in the enviable position in being the centre of the supply chain.

Such a position, according to Wedgwood, not only makes ports a huge net for diverse and varied data coming from across the supply chain, but also engenders ports with the opportunity to actually transcend Big Data at all levels of the organisation.

Later in the paper, Wedgwood explains his three key profit drivers: a cognitive supply chain, the value of little things and cognitive operations.

As well as providing several links to key papers and contemporary issues of the day such as blockchain, trade-off developments and ‘smart’ operations, the paper is concluded with a 10-step guide to port productivity.

IBM has also been involved in developing a supply chain technology called blockchain.

Wolfgang Lehmacher, Head of Supply Chain and Transport Industries, World Economic Forum, recently explored the subject in the 'Blockchain Technology for Ports' technical paper.

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