TBA: Supply Chains Are Wasting Container Data

 15 Jan 2018 09.38am

The global supply chain is not taking advantage of the data that is being collected, according to Dr. Yvo Saanen, Commercial Director and Founder of TBA, an industry-leading consultancy, simulation and software specialist for ports, terminals and warehouses.

In TBA’s sixth and final video of the AI and Automation series, Saanen has said that the typical way that a port terminal uses data, collects intelligence and exchanges information between parties in the supply chain is “lacking”, with a lot of to gain if the situation improves.

He has found that there is still a lot that technology can take advantage of when comes to extrapolating data from the repetitive nature of container shipping.

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Dr. Saanen will be speaking on issues such as how best to use data at Port Technology’s Container Terminal Automation Conference.

He has built up his expertise in container terminal simulation over more than two decades.

Saanen said: “When we start automating, humans still drive those systems. However, from a relatively simple event [occurring], a machine breaking down, we now get an event triggered by the system where the solution is not so obvious anymore.”

Read more: Dr. Saanen’s latest technical paper, ‘Using Intelligent TOS Plug-ins to Increase Terminal Performance’, explains how to combat rising container volumes with software

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