TBA: Four Terminal Systems That Will Improve Efficiency

 18 Dec 2017 11.51am

Dr. Yvo Saanen, Commercial Director and Founder of TBA, an industry-leading consultancy, simulation and software specialist for ports, terminals and warehouses, has revealed how the industry could be making massive efficiency gains by using four of its latest innovations.

For TBA’s second video of the AI and Automation series (above), Dr. Saanen has shared the company’s new product developments that have proven themselves in real terminal environments — a new module, an automated straddle carrier and two applications.

TBA has found that its new crane dispatching software module, designed mainly for rubber-tired gantries (RTGs), was able to increase a terminal’s performance by 10% and reduced the operational idle time of its machines through a better work load spread of its machines.

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In the interview, Dr. Saanen stated that this will equate to a 1 million TEU terminal saving €500,000, nearly $590,000, per year.

Dr. Saanen also revealed an invention, the automated straddle carrier, which can handle one-over three container stacking.

He said: “It can stack more densely and deliver a higher capacity for the terminal.

“We have already seen that by automating the yard, the grid, the truck handling, we can already save 20 to 30% of automated cost.

“For the future we expect a lot from straddle automation. There are over 45 straddle terminals around the world and they’re all eligible for automation.”

Read the latest technical paper by Dr. Saanen ‘Using Intelligent TOS Plug-ins to Increase Terminal Performance’ to learn how to combat rising container volumes

The last two innovations revealed by Dr. Saanen are intelligent apps, aimed at improving the efficiency and safety of terminals.

With safety in mind, TBA has developed the Chimney App, designed to prevent sole stacks in the yard from forming and causing damage and injury through collisions during container moves.

Dr. Saanen said: “We have it live in two large RTG terminals, reducing the chimney stacks by over 50%.”

The second app designed by TBA is its Plan Verification App, which checks plans such as those used for vessel stowage to ensure that errors are identified.

Dr. Saanen added: “You would think that planners make very little mistakes, but we’ve seen that in a single plan there can be up to 200 errors which only become apparent during operations, causing disruption, causing delay.

“Finding these errors [and] resolving them before you actually go to plan, can increase productivity during operations by 10 to 15%.”

Dr. Saanen will explore the subject of automated intelligence & AI at Port Technology’s Container Terminal Automation Conference, March 14 – 15, 2018 - London, UK.

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