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TBA Explains Importance of Simulated Gaming

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Simulated gaming has been discussed in a two-part interview between Port Technology International (PTI) and Dr Yvo A. Saanen, Commercial Director and Founder of TBA Netherlands — a leading international provider of consultancy and software.

Saanen was a key speaker at PTI's Container Terminal Automation Conference in London because of TBA's well-respected position as the largest company developing emulation, simulation, and gamification for ports and terminals around the world.

In the first interview, Saanen touches on the innovation that TBA has in store and the new product launches that he's most excited by.

The company has seen the value in developing such technology due to customers gaining advantages in improving the design and implementation of terminals.

This is explained by Saanen in further detail in the second video below.

Saanen said: “Of course, we're looking ahead to further innovations, innovations that are six to 18 months down the line, which will all be in the same direction — helping terminals to operate more efficiently, with more visability, but also [allow them to] think from a user point of view.”

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