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Tampa unveils new $56 million fuel terminal

  • Petroleum terminal complex will bring ‘sustainability for generations’, says Tampa CEO

Florida’s Tampa Port has unveiled the first phase of its new US$56 million petroleum terminal complex to help cater for the increasing demand of vehicular and aviation fuel in the region.

The port is the primary supplier of fuel for the nine million plus inhabitants of the Tampa, Ocala, Orlando and Naples that rely on its continuous supply of gasoline, diesel, aviation fuel and oil to keep them on the move. Tampa's current infrastructure dates back some 45 years, according to the Tampa Bay Times.

“It is a one-of-a-kind facility,” said Port of Tampa chief executive officer, Paul Anderson.

“It will bring sustainability to our state and our region for generations.”

The overall project represents the single largest capital investment in the port’s history, with the costs being split between the port and the state of Florida, who will contribute $28 million toward the new facility.

The first shipments are scheduled as early as November 11th at the revitalised Berth 223, and at the new Berth 222 a week later.

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