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Tallinn Port Demos Blockchain-based Logistics

Tallinn Port Demos Blockchain-based Logistics

Tallinn Port in Estonia has showcased a ‘globally unique’ EU-funded blockchain logistics platform that may supplant email to speed moving cargo between terminals.

Finnish local government incubator Kouvola Innovation Oy is leading the three-year software pilot that aims to monitor real time loading, customs processing and pre-shipment of export containers.

Estonian entities working on the project include Valga County Development Agency, Sensei LCC as well as Tallinn University of Technology. They are working in partnership with Swedish local government and the Latvian Transport and Telecommunications Institute.

Their innovative SmartLog project is funded by the European Regional Development Fund under the EU’s Interreg Central Baltic program.

Through the SmartLog blockchain pilot, the partners hope to improve regional flows of people and goods in the Baltic states of Finland, Sweden, Estonia and Latvia.

They intend speed processes for passengers and cargo companies, reduce traffic loads, eliminate bureaucracy, paper documents and duplicated data.

Blockchain is the means by which all the necessary data are simultaneously encrypted and recorded in several computer systems.

Blockchain also serves as the basis for cryptocurrency bitcoin.

Apart from Smartlog, only two other two large-scale blockchain logistical platform pilots exist, including one by Maersk at the Port of Rotterdam.

Valdo Kalm, Chairman of the Management Board of Port of Tallinn, said: “This is essentially the logistical counterpart of the national information systems’ data exchange layer, called X-Road.

“Today the urgent information about shifting goods between terminals and railway car movements is still frequently communicated by phone or e-mail, duplicating the already existing data.

“The new platform excludes recurrent data entries, with the information systems exchanging all data independently and directly”.

Technical Paper: Blockchain Technology for Ports

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