Taking a holistic approach to JIT essential

Graphic of two large vessels arriving at port

In the first of two articles Awake.AI examines Just-in-Time (JIT) operations and how it views a holistic approach as essential for successful JIT implementation.

Essentially, JIT operations can reduce the time vessels spend idling before entering the port, as well as emissions and cost, and increase customer satisfaction with shorter turnaround times.

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Awake.AI notes that the delays are typically due to the lack of transparent information sharing and disconnected processes throughout the supply chain. A lot of time is wasted in inefficient communication, ship operations and sub-optimised port calls.

Other obstacles include a lack of high-quality data, which makes it harder to minimise waste and meet customer needs.

To this end Awake.AI has developed artificial intelligence enhanced predictions for key processes in port operations, which provide a real-time (holistic) situational awareness of the entire maritime logistic chain. This can be used to enable JIT operational planning and reduce harmful emissions and operating costs for ship and port operations.

Regarding the essential holistic approach, the article describes how the Awake.AI Smart Port as a Service (SPaaS) application addresses both situational awareness and accurate data as well as the communication problems.   

SPaaS offers tools for all port actors to securely share real-time information, communicate any changes in advance and make better informed decisions toward optimized port operations.

The JIT concept is related to the berth availability to improve the JIT arrival, it is important to first ensure that the berth and terminal operators are ready to discharge and load the ship.

Therefore, Awake.AI also estimates the estimated time of departure (ETD) of the currently occupying vessels and provides berth visibility for the upcoming arrivals, inspections, mooring, pilots and towing.

This all requires information exchange with the port operator. These types of information exchange and operational activities require a trusted collaboration platform, Awake.AI noted.

Overall, the JIT concept is built on waste reduction principles. JIT integration requires situational awareness predictions with accurate data, collaboration and resource management tools, and readiness to share information.

Industry players, such as Awake.AI promotes information sharing, transparency and offers AI-enhanced predictions in their holistic platform.

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