Taiwan’s Largest Port Takes on New Tech

 18 Apr 2017 08.40am

The Port of Kaohsiung, Taiwan’s largest international commercial port, has implemented the 'Computer Automated Terminal Operation System' (CATOS) to improve efficiencies and management capabilities at its self-managed container terminal.

CATOS gathers and coordinates data from control stations, container yards, and ships and provides real-time supervision and control functions to significantly enhance the overall competitiveness of Taiwan’s international commercial ports.

The Port of Kaohsiung is a key centre of international commerce and shipping-industry expansion as well as a hub port for container shipments throughout the Asia-Pacific Region.

It recorded a handled container volume of 10.46 million TEU in 2016.

The port stated that it will now focus on developing the facilities and businesses necessary to increase handling volumes and values to combat “current economic uncertainties and the potential impacts of the April 2017 reshuffling of ocean carrier alliances”.

Philippine operator International Container Terminal Services Incorporated recently announced it is creating a new shipping service aimed at enhancing trade between Kaohsiung and ports in two other countries.

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