Sustainable, Safe, Green: The Future Of Shipping

 26 Oct 2015 11.25am

A video released by Green TV articulates the efforts international certification body DNV GL is making to create a greener, smarter and safer future for the shipping industry.

For DNV GL "it all started with shipping", according to the video, and know the classification body seeks to make shipping its future too.

DNV GL acknowledge that shipping is the safest means of transporting goods, but argue that by 2050 the global community will not stand for the current levels of emissions coming from ships.

By implementing more efficient routes, quicker turnaround times and an interacting global network, DNV GL believes it can create a more sustainable system. The company believes that being sustainable means being 'smarter', and being smarter means going digital.

Principal Consultant of DNV GL Marine Tore Longve states that he wants to "inspire the shipping industry". 


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