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Strainstall: A Leading Light on Container Weighing

Load measurement specialist Strainstall has announced it has undertaken successful trials for its Container Weighing System (CWS) at some of Europe's largest container terminals as the deadline of new container weighing regulations nears.  

On July 1, 2016 new SOLAS regulations will come into action that mean containers have to be weighed before they are submitted onto a vessel.

Primary responsibility for correct weight lays with the shipper, although there are many options regarding how a container and its contents could be weighed.

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Strainstall said in a statement that its latest tests “successfully proved that CWS exceeds even the most stringent industry accuracy expectations.”

The UK-based company added that the CWS had been “trialled on a significant amount of lifts across a wide range of container weights” and “consistently delivered highly accurate results” that exceeded IMO requirements.  

Strainstall concluded by stating its CWS has the “ability to deliver highly accurate verified gross mass (VGM) for containers.”

Adding that “the results give terminal operators confidence that the system will meet IMO state competent authority requirements, enabling them to provide a commercial service to their customers.”

Watch an interview with Strainstall Managing Director Simon Everett

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