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South Florida Ports Open After Irma

South Florida Ports Open After Irma

Debris have been towed away to allow ships to access Miami Port following the passage of tropical storm Irma, according to Miami Herald.

 Irma left four submerged sailboats and a floating dock in the turning basin.

It also dragged navigational buoys out of position and left them in the middle of a channel.

The US Coast Guard cleared Port Everglades and Port Canaveral to open on September 12, 2017 by 12:00 pm for restricted operations including cruise ships, and by 8:00 pm for all vessels.

Miami Port reopened on September 13, 2017. Previously truck traffic had been allowed to access Port Miami tunnel and Seaboard Marine Terminal, but ships had been unable to berth until the US Coast Guard approved conditions.

Read a related technical paper from University of Rhode Island on how ports can plan ahead in order to circumvent the risks associated with super storms.

Port Everglades had returned to normal operations with no restrictions.

Ten of 12 petroleum companies that operate at the port reportedly were reopened and had begun delivering fuel to petrol stations.

Water intrusion issues in tanks prevented two petrol companies from resuming operations.

Port of the Everglades said in a notice: “Port petroleum operations may be interrupted in the event of storm damage to Port facilities or the entrance channel for ships.

“Retail gas purchases are not available at Port Everglades. Petroleum operators at Port Everglades make every effort to have ample supplies of gasoline available to retailers before, during and after an emergency. Port Everglades has gasoline reserves of at least one week stored on site.

“Even when the Coast Guard stops dockside operations at the Port, landside operations, including gasoline distribution to retail gas stations, will continue as long as weather conditions permit.”

Read more:  Making landfall in the US on the weekend of September 10, 2017, Irma caused extensive damage to the Florida Keys and closed US ports.

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