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South Louisiana ports demand support after Hurricane Ida

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Several south Louisiana ports have joined forces to formally request federal assistance after the impacts of Hurricane Ida which has damaged infrastructure, waterways and communities.

Ports of New Orleans (Port Nola), Baton Rouge, Fourchon, Morgan City, Plaquemines, St. Bernard, South Louisiana and Terrebonne have partnered to request this assistance. The joint parties submitted a request to President Biden on 7 September 2021 to ensure ports are included in bills for urgent funding from Congress.

“The Port of New Orleans and New Orleans Public Belt Railroad are resilient and strong,” said President and CEO of Port Nola, Brandy D. Christian.

“Our wharves are busy post storm and trains are moving, but we still have challenges to overcome in order to get back to previous levels.

“To restore this economic engine fully and preserve thousands of jobs that depends on it, we respectfully ask that the White House urgently request funding from Congress to address these issues as soon as possible to help us collectively move forward from these significant impacts.”

This follows the news in August 2021 that after initial assessments of the impact of Hurricane Ida, Port Nola reported “no major damage” to facilities. Despite this, operations of the New Orleans Terminal and Ports and America terminals were remaining closed until further notice.

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