SOHAR Sets Sights on Full Automation

 16 May 2017 10.41am

SOHAR Port in Oman has launched a new automated gate system for trucks visiting container Terminal C, one of several upgrades announced recently as the port targets full automation.

Container terminal operator Hutchison Ports opened its new auto gate system at Terminal C in the port.

With the move, SOHAR aims to better speed and secure container shipments to attract international logistics companies.

It feted the gate opening, alongside the inauguration of Ocean Alliance services to SOHAR, on May 13, 2017.

Hutchison Ports’ new system uses a combination of technologies to let truck drivers remain in their vehicles when passing through the container terminal gates, undergoing security checks, completing inspections and initiating container movements.

This is thanks to its use of machine-readable cards to store driver information; character-recognition cameras to read truck plate numbers; self-service kiosks for inputting shipping codes; and RFID tags.

Terminal C not only has remote-controlled quayside cranes capable of handling 20,000 TEU vessels, but  also a new automated truck appointment system allows faster turnaround times for both shipping and trucking companies.

Another Terminal, Terminal D, is slated for full automation after the government of Oman announced plans to build an automated container terminal there.

Albert Pang, CEO of Hutchison Ports SOHAR, said: “Auto Gate promises to make container shipments at Hutchison Ports SOHAR even faster and more secure, strengthening the Port’s already excellent reputation as the new Gateway to the Gulf.”

Mark Geilenkirchen, SOHAR Port CEO, said: “Investments in technology to optimise and modernise terminal operations, increase turnaround speed for our customers — and time is money in logistics.

“These are savings that can be passed down right along the supply chain to make Oman even more competitive as a significant regional hub. As we become more attractive to international logistics companies, investors and traders, the new Auto Gates will help to open up a new world of opportunities for Oman.”

Technical Paper: SOHAR Port and Freezone: Green Expertise

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