SmartPort Wins Rotterdam Innovation Grant

 12 Mar 2019 09.44am

SmartPort, a neutral knowledge platform that aims to stimulate development within the maritime sector, has received a US$564,000 grant to strengthen Rotterdam’s innovation network.

The province of Zuid-Holland has offered its full support to the SmartPort network, allocating public funds to the company as part of an initiative to strengthen connections between businesses, knowledge institutes and local authorities working in the port community.

The grant, which will be delivered gradually over the course of four years, is expected to give “considerable impetus” to SmartPort’s goals for Rotterdam, with Europe’s largest port planning to become the world’s smartest by 2050.

Paul Smits discusses how Rotterdam and IBM are building the port of the future in a recent Port Technology technical paper

In order to achieve this target, an alliance involving SmartPort will initiate “demand-driven scientific research”, as well as forming new coalitions with other organizations.

By working together, it is hoped that freely-circulated knowledge and decision-making input will be made accessible for companies working in Rotterdam’s port area.



Adri Bom-Lemstra, member of the Zuid-Holland provincial executive, commented: “Networks like SmartPort enable us to tackle the major social challenges that lie on the horizon.

“The energy transition; the circular economy. The port is filled with opportunities to make a difference. Working together and sharing knowledge are important conditions for success in these areas. We intend to encourage such collaborations through this grant.”

Elisabeth van Opstall, SmartPort Managing Director, added: “SmartPort continues to build the bridge between knowledge institutes and the port’s business community. As a regional public authority, the Province of Zuid-Holland plays an indispensable role in this process.”

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