Small Cargo Ship Breaks in Half Off Turkey

 29 Aug 2017 10.36am

A 40-year-old Mongolian-flagged general cargo ship, MV Leonardo, broke in two while anchored in the Black Sea off Turkey, according to the Maritime Executive.

Leonardo was anchored near the Black Sea entrance to the Bosporus Strait when it buckled amidships and broke up.

Eight rescue vessels came to the distressed vessel to rapidly evacuate her crew of 11.

The ship regularly transported the ilmenite to the “Titan” Factory in Russia-occupied Crimea through the Kerch port Kamysh-Burun, reported MiceTimes of Asia.

The Leonardo had anchored waiting for transit to a shipyard in Tuzla, according to Turkey's General Directorate of Coastal Safety.

After the vessel broke in two, a rescue tug moved and intentionally grounded the vessel’s stern half on an outcrop of rocks.

Leonardo had been scheduled for repairs after Russian authorities detained her in Rostov for six days due to "hull damage impairing seaworthiness," with unspecified areas "broken/holed."

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