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Singapore-Israeli Partnership Scouting for Innovation

Singapore-Israeli Partnership Scouting for Innovation

PSA unboXed, the venture capital arm of PSA International, has teamed up with Israeli innovation hub theDOCK to attract technology start-ups to Singapore’s marine industry.

Through a new partnership agreement, theDOCK will act as a technology talent scout for PSA unboXed, aiming to match digital innovations to the specific needs of Singapore’s port operations.

Technology specialists and start-ups will get a first chance to explore the challenges and possibilities at the maritime technology event Hackathon, which is due to be held in Israel in June 2019.

In a recent Port Technology technical paper, Jose Florido and Alejandro González of Telefónica Global Articulate a Smart Port Vision

Nir Gartzman, co-founder and Chief Operating Officer at theDOCK, said: “We are excited by the prospects of engaging with creative solution providers to tackle transformation of this sector.

“Of specific interest will be areas of ports and their adjacent spaces associated with containerized cargo flow.”

According to a statement, a study by theDOCK has already demonstrated that many emerging technologies of ‘data science’, such as Internet of Things (IoT) and AI, are relevant to port operations.

PSA unboXed has also participated in a number of ‘Demo Days’ hosted by theDOCK for scouting and screening technology start-ups for possible investment.



Vice President of PSA unboXed Elton Fong said: “PSA unboXed endeavours to be a thought leader and go-to partner for ideation, co-creation and validation of new technology for the port and maritime supply chains.

“We believe that this strategic partnership with theDOCK will help PSA benefit from Israel’s vibrant innovation ecosystem, and improve the dynamism of the industry.”

PSA unboxed is the latest in a list of maritime companies joining forces with theDOCK, which also includes Wartsila, Lloyd’s Register, Kirby Corporation, DSV, Maersk and Cargotec among its partners.

“We are very pleased with the prospects of this partnership with PSA. Together, we could push the envelope on technology innovation to benefit the sector,” said theDOCK co-founder and CEO, Hannan Carmeli.

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