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Singapore calls for electrification of harbour craft

Panoramic view of the Singapore skyline at dusk from across the bay.
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To support Singapore’s harbour craft industry’s transition towards a low-carbon future, the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) and the Singapore Maritime Institute (SMI) have launched a joint call for proposals on the electrification of harbour craft.

Proposals should be put up by consortiums comprising industry players and institutes of higher learning/research institutes.

In a statement the MPA said that S$9 million ($6.5 million) would be made available from the Maritime GreenFuture Fund will be set aside to co-fund such harbour craft projects.

The proposals should set out commercially-ready fully electric harbour craft and/or interoperable shore charging infrastructure for electric harbour craft and other electric vessels operating in the Port of Singapore.

Kenneth Lim, MPA’s Chief Technology Officer and Senior Director, Innovation, Technology and Talent Development, “Singapore is committed to invest in maritime decarbonisation technologies. Through this call, we want to spur collaborative efforts to generate innovative ideas and facilitate cross-sharing of domain expertise in vessel electrification between industry and academia. We look forward to co-creating solutions with our industry partners and institutes of higher learning to make our port more sustainable.”

Dr Sanjay C. Kuttan, SMI’s Executive Director, said, “Green supply chain is the future of shipping and for Singapore to maintain its hub status, innovation must enable the transformation of the shipping industry through co-creation. To accelerate our decarbonisation efforts of the local harbour craft industry, we invite industry innovators to lead a consortium with our local researchers to deliver impact in our fight against climate change.” 

A harbour craft is any kind of vessel that plies only within the waters of Singapore. A vessel used as harbour craft must have a harbour craft licence.

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