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SimulationDeck: Prepare your Port for a Crisis

Social media and other digital technologies play an essential role during response to critical incidents and training and exercise specialists SimulationDeck believe that by incorporating them in preparation programs is vital.

SimulationDeck includes social media sites that replicate the core functionality of Facebook, Twitter, TweetDeck, HootSuite, YouTube, Geofeedia, and blogs in order to stage a mock event in which your port or asset could be under threat.

The technology is designed to teach how to respond to crises and spontaneous events in split-second time by correctly utilising social media.

SimulationDeck features GIS-based social mapping technologies for developing a common operational picture and maintaining situational awareness.

SimulationDeck includes digital media sites that seamlessly deliver breaking print, radio and TV news on participants’ computers, tablets and smartphones – just as the internet does during real-world events.

Jennifer Holton, Director of Communications at Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development said of SimulationDeck: “SimulationDeck has proven to be an invaluable tool for preparing and training today’s communications professionals. It provides a hands-on, real world platform to help hone our emergency response skills on both the traditional and social media platforms. Social media is a rapid-fire, instant response network and SimulationDeck provides professionals the skills they need to communicate effectively across those platforms in a real-life emergency.”

SimulationDeck is being utilized by airlines, airports, cruise lines, cities, counties, states, federal agencies, military commands, power producers, nuclear plants, Fortune 500 companies, schools and universities.

It now wants to move into seaports.

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