SDP 2021: All you need to know about Smart Digital Ports of the Future

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The Smart Digital Ports of the Future Spring Edition brings together the largest number of global ports and the entire supply chain to debate, discuss, network and share best practices on the latest developments on automation, sustainability and connectedness.

This event, held between 29 March and 1 April, will delve into topics such as smart infrastructure, smart digital applications and smart innovations. Click here to register.

“This year’s event’s format is new being completely virtual. With two keynote sessions and the rest panels with presentations and live Q&A our global audience will be able to engage with the presenters to get their questions answered and begin new conversations to conduct business,” said Stephanie Morley, Director of Conferences, PTI.

The main themes for the event are autonomy, being connected, and sustainability, where we will get a glimpse into the future of not only the Smart Digital Port but also the autonomous Port.

Today the port industry is facing many disruptive trends including climate change, the energy transition, and digitalisation, which seeks to enhance efficiencies of the logistics and supply chain.

Through the sessions over the four-day event speakers will discuss how smart technologies can overcome the challenges faced by today’s ports and how to work with these disruptive trends.

Register now for the Smart Digital Ports of the Future event.

More than 50 speakers have been lined up from ports across the globe. Input ranges from some of the largest hubs in the world, such as the Port of Rotterdam, Maritime Port Authority of Singapore and Maqta Gateway, to those ports smaller in size which are looking to begin and enhance their smart port journeys.

Sponsors of this year’s event include the Port of Rotterdam, Inform, Trelleborg, Alcatel Lucent, The Port of Virginia, HPC, Wartsila and Lorenz Technology. All of the sponsors will be available for our attendees to engage with and will be presenting during the event.

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has been felt across the global supply chain and one lesson learned by many is that digital operations are key to providing resilience in the port sector.

“As most people around the world are unable to travel these days, we at PTI are able to bring these discussions directly to them and as such we have reached more people than a live event,” Morley said.

“Our virtual event platform enables people to connect and meet with others all around the world and to continue the discussion post-event. The live discussions and live Q&A sections provides people with the opportunity to engage in real-time with the speakers to have their questions answered.

“The virtual booth enables people looking for solutions to not only engage with the company but to learn more on their own time through videos, technical papers and additional information on products and services.”

Through the Smart Digital Ports of the Future event, we will examine the latest technologies being deployed, debate on new trends, and ensure ports have the information necessary to continue to be resilient and prosperous.

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