Schedule reliability bull run loses momentum

Schedule reliability bull run loses momentum

The rate of schedule reliability improvement has gradually decreased over time according to Sea-Intelligence’s latest Global Liner Performance (GLP) report.

The report offers a comprehensive analysis of 34 different trade lanes and over 60 carriers.

Overall, global schedule reliability has shown consistent improvement on a monthly basis, while the rate of improvement has gradually decreased over time.

In April 2023, the schedule reliability only increased by 1.7 percentage points compared to the previous month, reaching a level of 64.2 per cent.

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When compared to the same period last year, Sea-Intelligence shows how this represents an improvement of 29.9 percentage points.

Furthermore, the average delay for LATE vessel arrivals has continued to decline, with April 2023 experiencing a reduction of 0.72 days, resulting in an average delay of 4.34 days.

The figure stands 2.22 days lower than the previous year and is even lower than the corresponding figure for 2020.

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Among the top 14 carriers, Maersk emerged as the most reliable, achieving a schedule reliability rate of 70.3 per cent in Sea-Intelligence’s latest report.

MSC followed closely behind with 68 per cent, while Evergreen secured the third spot with 67.1 per cent.

Additionally, six more carriers achieved schedule reliability rates above 60 per cent. The remaining carriers maintained schedule reliability rates ranging from 50 per cent to 60 per cent and were within a narrow margin of 5.0 percentage points from one another.

Yang Ming had the lowest schedule reliability in April 2023, standing at 52.1 per cent.

Sea-Intelligence noted that only seven out of the top 14 carriers exhibited a month-on-month improvement in schedule reliability during April 2023.

Among them, Evergreen showed the most significant improvement, with an increase of 4.6 percentage points.

All of the top 14 carriers demonstrated double-digit year-on-year improvements, with Wan Hai leading the way by achieving an impressive 43.5 percentage point increase.

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A recent analysis from Sea-Intelligence revealed that schedule reliability is a crucial factor in determining the competitive positioning of shipping lines.

The analysis found that while the shipping industry is often considered a commodity market, there is a significant level of differentiation in the reliability performance of shipping lines. However, this differentiation fluctuates depending on market conditions.

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