Saudi Port of Dammam experiencing major congestion

 17 Sep 2012 02.45pm

  • Terminal and yard heavily congested as imported containers hit unprecedented levels

Saudi Arabia’s Port of Dammam is oncer again experiencing major terminal and yard congestion, according to Singaporean shipper APL.

“The terminal yard is severely congested impacting inbound customs clearance process as positioning of containers for customs inspections takes 7 to 14 days,” APL told the JOC.

“Further, there is no space in the terminal for stacking of export containers.”

The ocean carrier added that it is struggling to move containers in and out of the port, also known as the King Abdul Aziz Seaport, due to an unprecedented surge in imports arriving during Ramadan and the Eid al Fitr festivities last month.

APL said that shippers are also experiencing a major shortage of trucks in Dammam to move containers out of the terminal area, due to the number of vehicles being dispatched to handle imported containers.

“Truck turnaround times average between two to six hours gate-in to gate-out,” said APL.

Meanwhile, low productivity at the port has caused the “bunching of ships at the anchorage”, according to APL.

“The current situation indicates congestion is not likely to ease until the end of October.”

In July, logistics operator Agility predicted an increase in backlogs at Saudi seaports during the busy months of Ramadan.



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