Saudi Coalition Reopens Yemen Ports

 13 Nov 2017 11.23am

The Saudi-led coalition occupying Yemen has announced plans to re-open selected airports and seaports in Yemen in order to allow in humanitarian aid to the famine-hit nation, reports Voice Of America.

A statement said the first ports to reopen would be those under control of the Yemeni government, including Aden, Mukalla and Mocha.

The decision comes a week after the coalition announced a temporary closure of all ports after the firing of a missile by Houthi forces from Yemen toward Riyadh.

The coalition has asked United Nations inspectors to inspect rebel-controlled ports such as Hodeida and prevent weapons smuggling.

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Houthis in Yemen were blamed for two boat bombs in July, 2017 one of which blew up a pier at the Yemeni port of Mocha.

Epidemic cholera and famine in the country had been aggravated by the decision to close the ports.

The statement said that: “The coalition hopes that these immediate, initial and important steps will help alleviate the suffering of the Yemeni people.”

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