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Rotterdam on Track to Stop Bottleneck

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The Port of Rotterdam Authority has been granted approval to alter the course of the Port Railway Line to stop an expected bottleneck due to increasing rail and shipping traffic.

Rerouting the line via the Theemsweg means that rail traffic will no longer travel across the Calandbrug and won't be held up when the bridge is raised for shipping.

Port of Rotterdam Authority and ProRail, a government task organization that takes care of maintenance and extensions of the national railway network infrastructure, will reroute the line over a section of around 4.5 kilometres.

It will be completed in 2021, when the Calandbrug reaches the end of its technical service life.

Alterations were approved by Sharon Dijksma, the Dutch State Secretary for Infrastructure and Environment.

Rotterdam Port recently acquired container shuttle train PortShuttle in a move aimed at ensuring the continuity of its services for container shipping and terminal operators.

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