Rotterdam Highlights 5 Maritime Mega-Trends

 01 Mar 2019 10.44am

A new whitepaper from the Port of Rotterdam highlights the five mega-tends in the contemporary maritime sector, outlining how decision makers in the supply chain can prepare for, strategize and solve the biggest challenges of our era.

The whitepaper states the five mega-trends as:

  1. Evolving global trade
  2. Ongoing scale increases, consolidation and integration
  3. Hinterland networks
  4. Logistics patterns and digital transformation
  5. IT innovations for container ports

Whitepaper Download: The Impact of Five Mega-Trends on the Container Industry

The Port of Rotterdam said in a statement: “Demographic changes, shifts in economic power, technological innovations: These are mega trends, each of which is changing the world around us.

“[These are] Trends that will certainly also impact container ports and the container industry.”

The whitepaper is structured so the impact on the container industry is described per theme, examining how supply chain stakeholders can anticipate potential future scenarios.

This latest offering from the Port of Rotterdam builds upon the European giant’s highly successful recent paper on a step-by-step approach to a digital port.


The paper saw massive interest on the PTI site, and compounds the Port of Rotterdam’s reputation as one of the world’s leading ports in terms of innovative thinking, smart operations, and strategy for the digital future.

As well as having a reputation as Europe’s leading port in terms of size and influence, the Port of Rotterdam has swiftly gained a new reputation as a world-leading smart port.

Key issues such as Rotterdam's five mega-trends will be thorough discussed by the industry's finest minds at PTI's upcoming Container Terminal Automation Conference (CTAC). 

Due to take place 6-8 May 2019, CTAC is now in its fourth year and has grown into the flagship conference for terminal automation, industry foresight and top-level expertise. 

CTAC 2019 will also see us respond to the growing demand without losing our intimate feel where audiences can interact with experts, analysts and thought-leaders in the sector. 

We will do this by creating dual tracks, which allow attendees to split into smaller groups and assure they get answers to the questions they need. 

You can view the CTAC 2019 promo video below. 

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