Rotterdam Floats Solar Power Production

 12 Sep 2017 10.33am

Rotterdam Port and the Dutch environment and infrastructure ministry Rijkswaterstaat have launched a floating solar panel pilot to explore the possibility of running a commercial solar plant.

Alongside the Dutch government, Europe’s busiest port is studying whether it is possible to build a large-scale, commercial solar farm at a site near the port.

The beach of De Slufter covers over 700 hectares of land and water, and is jointly owned by the Dutch environment ministry Rijkswaterstaat and the Port of Rotterdam Authority.

De Slufter is also a depot for contaminated dredging spoil.

A group of solar power industry companies including Dutch solar panel supplier Sunfloat, two Dutch solar panel manufacturers Texel4Trading and Sunprojects and solar panel manufacturer Wattco were tasked with installation of the solar panels.

The floating solar panel installation was installed in the week of September 4, 2017

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Piloting the solar panels is intended to demonstrate the technical and financial viability of a floating solar power system for relatively rough water conditions like those found at De Slufter.

Rotterdam Port and Rijkswaterstaat examine which conditions such systems need to satisfy to obtain a permit from the water authority.

Participants are currently adjusting the array for local conditions before the pilot project, before officially kicks off at the beginning of the storm season.

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