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Rotterdam welcomes EU Green Deal

Rotterdam welcomes EU Green Deal

The Port of Rotterdam has welcomed the European Commission’s ‘Green Deal’, in particular investment commitments to improve rail and inland shipping.

In a statement, the Port of Rotterdam said the initiative brought the rest of Europe in line with The Netherlands’ environmental ambitions.

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The European Commission’s plan was unveiled on December 11 2019 and aims to cut CO2 emissions by as much as 55% by 2030 and achieve carbon neutrality by 2050.

As part of the deal, the European Commission plans to transfer 75% of current road inland freight traffic to rail by 2021.

“It is good that Europe has ambitious plans to combat change, because the challenges are huge,” Allard Castelein, the Port of Rotterdam’s CEO said.

However, the Port of Rotterdam said while the plans are “logical” the details remain unclear.

It said “particular care is needed in further developing these plans to ensure realization of an efficient and effective transition, which means working towards a CO2-neutral Europe for the lowest possible costs to society.”

However, it is positive about plans to stimulate important technologies including hydrogen production, development of alternative fuels and the capture, storage and use of CO2.

For its part, the Port of Rotterdam will continue its ‘sustainable in three steps’ strategy, which it launched a year and half ago with government agencies, the business sector, NGOs and the scientific community.

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