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Rotterdam Chosen by Black Bear Carbon

Rotterdam Chosen by Black Bear Carbon

Black Bear Carbon has chosen the Port of Rotterdam as the location for its next Tire-to-Carbon-Black-Upcycling-Plant, according to a statement.

The Port and Black Bear Carbon said they will now collaboratively review the technical and financial details of the cooperation and establishment of the project.

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The plant will decompose granulate from end-of-life tires into carbon black, pyrolysis oil and gas.

The agreement is part of the ‘Recovered Carbon Black Nederland’ and hopes to confirm the details of the partnership in early December.  

Black Bear is a green, recovered carbon black (rCB) manufacturer that produces carbon black using end-of-life tires instead of fossil oil as a resource material.

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Carbon black is a crucial component in rubber, plastics, inks and paints and is used to modify their properties into useable products.

Prior to choosing the Port of Rotterdam, Black Bear Carbon undertook an extensive process of evaluation and careful consideration.

Silvio Ghyoot, CEO, Black Bear Carbon said the Port of Rotterdam showed “great appetite to facilitate our next plant and has a significant potential for optimization and synergy of our technology within the Rotterdam industrial complex.”

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