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Rosmorport inks MoU with Belgium’s Zeebrugge Port


Rosmorport has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Belgian Port of Zeebrugge to enhance trade relations between both Russian and European port companies.

The signing of the accord took place at the Embassy of the Kingdom of Belgium in Russia on Wednesday, with Rosmoport’s head of investments and strategic development department Andrey Boldorev and Vincent de Saedeleer, vice-president of Zeebrugge’s port managing company in attendance.

In a statement, the Russian state-owned port services group said that its cooperation with the Port of Zeebrugge will allow them to “establish a permanent liaison for the exchange of information on legislative initiatives” in central Europe, whilst expanding its business contacts.

Furthermore, the agreement will help to kick-start future joint programs for both training and the retraining of staff, share best practices of infrastructural development as well as gain knowledge form experts from the Port of Zeebrugge.

The signing of this week’s MoU means that Russia’s Rosmorport is a partner with all of Belgium’s major seaports, having previously signed agreements with the ports of Antwerp and Ghent.

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