Record low in containers lost at sea

Record low in containers lost at sea

The World Shipping Council (WSC) has published its annual report on containers lost at sea, revealing a notable decrease to 221 containers lost in 2023.

This figure is the lowest since the survey began in 2008. Despite this improvement, the WSC emphasises the necessity of stringent safety measures and constant vigilance.

The report highlights several critical points. In 2023, 221 containers were lost at sea out of 250 million transported, a significant reduction from the previous low of 661 containers in 2022.

Additionally, approximately 33 per cent of the lost containers were recovered.


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The WSC is taking steps to enhance safety and reduce container loss. One of its initiatives, the Marin TopTier Joint Industry Project, offers insights into the causes of containers being lost overboard and provides recommendations and training materials to manage and prevent dangerous parametric rolling. The upcoming final report will include industry best practices, updated safety guidelines, and regulatory recommendations.

The International Maritime Organization’s Maritime Safety Committee (MSC 108) has also adopted new mandatory reporting requirements, effective from 1 January 2026, with the WSC playing a significant role in developing these requirements.

These amendments aim to improve navigational safety and mitigate environmental hazards through prompt and detailed reporting of lost containers.

Finally, continuous revisions and enhancements to safety guidelines, including the SOLAS Convention and the CTU Code, are underway to further ensure the secure transport of containers.

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“The reduction in containers lost at sea in 2023 is a positive development, but it does not diminish the urgency of our work. Every container lost at sea represents a potential hazard, and our commitment to preventing these incidents must be unwavering,” said John Butler, CEO of WSC.

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