Read Exclusive #CTAC2018 Papers

 06 Mar 2018 11.07am

Port Technology is welcoming you to read and digest three exclusive papers in preparation for Session 2 of the upcoming Container Terminal Automation Conference (#CTAC2018).

Session 2 is entitled ‘Future of AI & Automation’ and includes speakers such as Dr Oscar Pernia of Navis, Dr Eva Savelsberg of INFORM, Thomas Gylling of Konecranes and Francisco Grau Cavanillas of Orbita.

The session opens with an overview of what AI is and what it means for the port sector.

That is followed by insights into case studies worldwide and ends with a look to the future of ports and terminals.

The following papers act as academic underpinnings for the session.

Demystifying AI, by Dr Eva Savelsberg

Digital Container Shipping, by Dr Oscar Pernia

The Singularity, by Francisco Grau Cavanillas

The papers above are freely available and PTI welcomes you to digest them and put any questions you have to PTI Editor Richard Joy –

The PTI conference runs from March 15-16, 2018 and takes place at the Grange City Hotel in London.  

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