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RBS Introduces Automation in the Cloud

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Real Time Business Solutions (RBS), a provider of terminal operating systems and digital services, has announced that it is introducing “automation in the cloud”.

In a recent article for PTI, RBS said that cloud computing has become the most sought-after method of building and developing IT practices over recent years.

With technology giants such as Microsoft, Google and IBM all developing cloud-based services to support their customers, organizations in the ports and terminals sector are beginning to follow suit.

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According to the company, it has developed a holistic solution which allows terminals to accomplish “optimal levels of performance and output”.



Described as the only cloud-based TOS in the market that can run automation as well as delivering real-time control and planning, the special module is integrated into RBS’ TOPS Expert Cloud system.

Benefits of the solution include lower expenses, improved security and the chance to maximize operational efficiency in all areas of port and terminal operations.

Harry Nguyen, RBS, discusses optimal terminal performance in a Port Technology technical paper

In another special insight for PTI, RBS looked at how implementing automation in a port or terminal environment could boost sustainability, helping operators to reduce the level of carbon emissions they produce.

The main advantage of automation though, as emphasized by RBS, is enhancing ROI by enabling operations to continue at all hours of the day, increasing efficiency and number of possible container moves.

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