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RBS Chosen in Le Havre TOS Upgrade

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Compagnie Nouvelle de Manutentions Portuaires (CNMP), based in Le Havre, France’s largest container terminal, has switched to Realtime Business Solutions’ (RBS) Terminal Operating System (TOS) as part of its IT infrastructure upgrade.

The introduction of RBS’ TOPS Advance system was completed within 14 months, during which the previous TOS system and its processes were analysed and CNMP defined its specific technology needs.

The next step saw all the data and processes migrated to the new system, before they were tested and key users trained.

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After that, an interface to the AP+ Port Community System (PCS), the official system of the French port authority, was established.

The entire process was completed seamlessly, without any performance problems.  

Didier Michaux, Terminal Manager at CNMP, commented: “During a board meeting that day, those in charge were asking why the go-live date for TOPS had been pushed back.

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“No congestion of any note in the area, no angry calls from angry customers either. I was able to tell them that the go-live was taking place at precisely that moment.

“Compared with the usual go-lives of TOS systems, this seamless changeover was truly remarkable.”

Le Havre is the largest port of its kind in France. As in all terminals, the container planning and operations process is controlled using a TOS – which acts as the heart of the terminal’s digital processes.

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