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Rail Balitca opens Kaunas Intermodal Terminal to improve rail trade

Rail Baltica opens new intermodal terminal
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Rail Baltica, a greenfield transport infrastructure project to integrate the Baltic region with the rest of Europe, has opened the Kaunas Intermodal Terminal, the north-eastern point of the European railway system.

In a statement Rail Baltica said the terminal received and processed its first container-loaded train from the Netherlands.

Karolis Sankovski, CEO of LTG Infra,“I am pleased with the professionalism of colleagues. Undoubtedly the experience gained with this project will facilitate further construction of the Rail Baltica in line with the commitments.

“I strongly call for active participation for the entrepreneurs both for local and international partners, working hand in hand public tenders that have a strong tendency to increase in number.”

Sankovski noted that this project is 85% funded by the EU Structural Funds. The continued support of the EU institutions for the project shows that Rail Baltica is more than a railway infrastructure – it is an economic corridor that promotes regional connections.

Agnis Driksna, CEO and Chairperson of the Management Board of RB Rail AS, the joint venture of the Rail Baltica, also commented.

“The commercial opening of KIT allows to capitalize on the European-gauge section between the Polish-Lithuanian border and Kaunas that was developed in 2015 and start initial freight shipments even before the full Rail Baltica Global Project infrastructure is developed.

“This will allow us to start developing the initial business case for the long-term development of freight logistics along the Rail Baltica corridor which is being developed in parallel.”

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