PTI’s Mega-Ports and Mega-Terminals Edition 75 Is Here

 05 Oct 2017 10.28am

Sharing the wisdom of some of the giants of the industry, PTI has released its new issue on 'Mega-Ports & Mega-Terminals', in which mega-ports reveal strategies they use to handle vessels that are larger than ever before.

This 75th edition of the journal looks at the rapid expansion and digitization of ports to enable handling of mega-ships.

Innovative systems for integrating operations between ports, shipping companies, and logistics providers are among the methods the industry uses to tackle mega-ships.

Major ports are also undertaking crane extension upgrades, expanding automation innovations and experimenting with automated mooring.

Contributors to the issue include Shanghai International Port Group (SIPG), the operator of the world’s busiest port, Busan Port Authority, the operator of the growing hub port of Busan, and the COO at Long Beach Container Terminal (LBCT), one the newest and most high-tech terminals in the US.

Qingdao New Qianwan Container Terminal (QQCTN) in its paper provides a fascinating tour of the facilities of the first fully automated terminal in Asia, where containers zip around in the dark at night.

Articles from Mega-Ports & Mega-Terminals:

  1.   A New Maritime Operating System
  2.   Automated Mooring For Stabilizing Megaships
  3.   Building The Largest Sea-lock at Amsterdam Port
  4.   Cargo Handling Equipment: How to Reduce Air Emissions
  5.   Cartagena Container Terminal: A ‘Tailor-made’ Home Terminal
  6.   Electric Yard Tractors: Weighing the Costs and Benefits
  7.   Empowering Mega-Terminals with Gigabytes
  8.   Garden City Terminal: A Single-Terminal Port for Today’s Market
  9.   Hamburg Terminals: Partnership in Practice
  10.   Latin American & Caribbean Port Markets
  11.   Manila International Container Terminal: Implementing TABS
  12.   Megaship Pressures on Port Electric and Data Infrastructure
  13.   New Start with the World Ports Sustainability Program
  14.   Optimization Dilemmas In Megaship Handling
  15.   Pakistan’s High-tech Port of Call
  16.   Port Everglades: A Framework for Cooperation with the EPA
  17.   Port Governance in China: An Integrated Orientation
  18.   Port and Ship Cyber Security: After NotPetya
  19.   Port of Indiana Bulk Terminal: Metro Ports Ventures into Great Lakes Market
  20.   Port of Long Beach: The Evolving Quest for Efficiency
  21.   Qingdao Terminal: Fully Automated to Welcome Megaships
  22.   Rotterdam Port: Port-Maps Let the Outside in
  23.   Securing Future Ports with Multi-Level Cyber Security
  24.   Shanghai Port: Yangtze Growth Strategy
  25.   The Future for Mega Bulk Terminals
  26.   The Panama Canal One Year After Expansion
  27.   The Value of Simulation Training
  28.   Undaunted by New Challenges, Busan Mega-Port Thrives
  29.   Vancouver Fraser Port Authority: Asking Vessels to Slow Down for Whales
  30.   Virtual Reality Training for Industrial Firefighting
  31.   Yilport Terminals: Global Logistics Center Integrates Business

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