PTI’s Digital Marketing Seminar


A social media seminar took place recently, held by Port Technology International (PTI), in a bid to inform companies who are active in the business-to-business sector of some of the evolving trends within the digital marketing and social media landscape.

More than 20 people were present during the presentation where James Khan, Managing Director of PTI gave his view of some of the most important facets of digital marketing and social media that can have an impact on the performance of any global company.

James Khan emphasised that video content is the future of online content while quoting Cisco that 90% of all content will be in video format by the end of 2017.


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He touched on the importance of viral content in today’s market place while showing some of the fastest growing social media networks that can propel viral content.

LinkedIn is currently the fastest growing social platform, followed closely by Twitter and Facebook and Mr. Khan highlights that the difference between somebody engaging with a company’s content is one click and it is crucial to make use of more than one type of social network.

An example of a company who have successfully embraced the power of social media campaigning are the world’s leading container shipping line Maersk Line.

A Maersk quote talking about the meaning of social media said: “Social media is about communication, not marketing. It’s about engaging, not pushing. And social media is definitely not just about the media side. For a company like ours, social media creates more value when it challenges the way we think and interact.”

Maersk Group's FaceBook following has now superseded 2.2 million and it currently has the largest social media presence in the maritime industry.

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