PTI Reveals Session Two

 05 Feb 2018 11.48am

Port Technology can today announce that the second session at the upcoming Container Terminal Automation Conference will be the ‘Future of AI & Automation’ and will see a panel of experts discussing how AI is, and is going to, change the way we work.

Bringing together speakers from the leading sources of innovation in the industry - including Dr Eva Savelsberg of INFORM, Francisco Grau Cavanillas of Orbita, and Dr Oscar Pernia of Navis - this session will begin by taking a deep dive into the state of AI in the port and terminal sector.

Speakers will give an insider’s look into where they see the future of AI in the industry, based on their experiences with AI innovation at their organizations, as well as insight into the industry as a whole.

The ethos of Port Technology event is to get speakers engaging with the audience, as they wrestle with the pressing issues of what AI is and the ways in which it will impact individual ports and terminals.  

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Artificial intelligence, broadly speaking, is an area of computer science concerned with building systems that demonstrate intelligent behaviour.

However, there are many forms of AI, from ‘weak’ to ‘strong’ and ‘general’ to ‘superintelligent’, and this session intends to venture into which of these is having the largest effect on terminal operations.

Only a couple of years ago, AI in port terminals seemed futuristic, optimistic, and above all, idealistic, yet with the news that IBM and the Port of Rotterdam are building an AI smart port together, in 2018 we find that these issues are as real and pressing as ever.

The upcoming PTI Container Terminal Automation Conference is going to be the biggest and best yet, so book your place before it’s too late.  

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