PTI Reveals Event Session Four

 08 Feb 2018 09.44am

PTI is proud to announce one of the most exciting sessions of our upcoming conference: ‘Robotization and Automated Terminals’ as the fourth session on Day One of the Container Terminal Automation Conference.

This session is a must-attend for port equipment specialists and providers, and naturally, it will be of high interest to terminal operators who want to learn about the workings of the most advanced port equipment in the world, as well as learning how to ensure maximum value for their operation.  

Session Four will feature speakers from giant names in the port equipment and automation fields such as ABB, TBA, INFORM and Kuenz.

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As well as demystifying automated terminals in a theoretical concept, the speakers in this session will also extrapolate on the full potential of a fully automated terminal and the impact one could have in the broader supply chain.

The concept of a fully automated terminal is no longer a pipedream and is increasingly becoming reality around the world.

At the time of writing, the most elaborate terminal automation has been installed in terminals in Hamburg (CTA), Long Beach (LBCT), and Rotterdam (Euromax, APMT and RWG), as well as the Qingdao New Qianwan Container Terminal (QQCTN) in China, which became Asia’s first fully automated port terminal in 2017.

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