PTI’s Latest AI & Automation Edition

 12 Jun 2017 09.28am

PTI has released the latest edition of The Journal of the Ports and Terminals which has a focus on artificial intelligence (AI) and automation for the first ever time.

Edition 74 brings together papers from a wide array of academics, engineers and visionaries who look into the huge impact AI is set to have on the supply chain and the wider world.  

The edition was largely influenced by many of the discussions held at the recent Container Terminal Automation Conference, PTI’s second major event.

PTI Editor Richard Joy said: “Following our recent event we held some very interesting conversations regarding the future of the industry in house which raised many big, big questions.

“However, as we’d pre-planned an edition focussed on automation, many of our contributors were proposing papers that skirted into the realm of AI, and slowly those big questions we’d raised after our conference began to be met by our contributor base in the run up to this edition.

“This brought us to the notion of an AI issue, and with some fantastic work undertaken by our new Online and Print Editor Cristina Brooks in sourcing some new, specialist academics from around the world, we put together the framework of what I think is the highest quality journal PTI has ever produced.”

As well as the focus on AI, the latest edition of The Journal of Ports and Terminals contains the biggest names in the industry offering expertise on port planning, container handling, optimal environmental and security practices, and the latest in training methods.

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